Volume 6 Issue 1

Clinical Image

Urethral diverticulum: An unknown pathology

Hamedoun Larbi1 *; Hassan Iliass1 ; Cherraqi Amine2 ; Akim Kogui N’Douro1 ; Mrabti Mohamed1 ; Alami mohamed1 ; Ameur Ahmed1

The A 25 year old female patient, pregnant at 30 weeks' gestation, with no particular medical history, presented to the clinic with urethral pain. PDF

Research Article

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on urological interventions in children: A different single center experience

Yannic Kunz; Raphael Müller; Christian Radmayr

Introduction: As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare systems worldwide became increasingly overloaded. The excessive demand of resources changed medical priorities dramatically. National and international Guidelines were implemented, non-urgent procedures PDF