Volume 5 Issue 1

Case Report

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Penis about a Case to the Hospital Military Training Rabat Mohamed V

Arnaud Djre Tayiri1*, Akim Douro1 , El bahri abdessamad1 , Alami Mohammed1 and Ameur Ahmed1

We report a case of penis cancer at the military hospital in rabat in a 58-year-old patient with no particular history. The symptoms were marked by the appearance of an isolated chancre on the ventral surface of the penis, initially not painful but itchy and then painful when touched. The diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma was confirmed after biopsy. PDF

Case Report

Ureteral Pyelo Duplication associated with Controlateral UretralPyelo Bifidity about 1 Case

Blaise Arnaud Djre-Tayiri1*, Alami M1 and Ameur A1

Ureteral malformations are rare, often asymptomatic and without consequences; they can have an impact on kidney function.We report a case of several associated ureteral malformations in a 34-yearold patient. Following chronic low back pain, several imaging examinations had objectified a pyelo-ureteral duplication PDF