Volume 3 Issue 1

Research Article

Comparison of long-term clinical results of compression fractures treatment of the thoracolumbar spine: Open vs percutaneous transpedicular stabilization

Marcin Kot1 ; Piotr Defort1 *; Piotr Wośkowiak2 ; Miłosz Tajner2 ; Karolina Kędziora2 ; Klaudia Szwakop2 ; Paweł Jarmużek1

A comprehensive treatment of spine fractures is one of the biggest challenges in spine surgery [1]. There is a worldwide unparalleled increase in the percentage of cases treated opera- tively, which stimulates competing PDF

Research Article

Morphological and stereological effects of the use of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-P-Dioxin in the submandibular gland of spontaneously diabetic animals

Victor Augusto Ramos Fernandes1,2,3; Camila Mantoani¹; Raphael Oliveira Franco Netto¹; Marcelo Rodrigues da Cunha1,2,3; Eduardo José Caldeira¹, ²

The substance 2,3,7,8-tetraclodibenzo-p-dioxin, popularly known as TCDD, is widely found in food consumed by humans and in materials widely used by the species, such as sugar cane and papermaking. The ability of dioxin to attenuate PDF