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  • Title: BAOJ Clinical and Medical Case Reports
  • Other titles: BAOJN
  • Category: Clinical Medicine
  • Peer review: Double blind
  • Publication format: Electronic
  • Publication policy: Open Access
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BAOJ Clinical and Medical Case Reports

BAOJ Clinical and Medical Case Reports is a worldwide, ungated, and peer-reviewed publication that showcases outstanding papers in the areas of Endocrinology Case Reports, Family Medicine Case Reports, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Case Reports, Hematology Case Reports, Internal Medicine Case Reports, Nephrology and Hypertension Case Reports, Neurology Case Reports, Nursing Case Reports, Obstetrics and Gynecology Case Reports, Oncology/Cancer Case Reports, Ophthalmology Case Reports, Orthopedics Case Reports, Otolaryngology Case Reports, Pediatrics Case Reports, Pharmacogenomics Case Reports, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Case Reports, Psychiatry & Psychology Case Reports. Our seasoned troupe of wordsmiths delivers peerless editorial craftsmanship, lightning-fast publication, and maximum exposure for your paper.

The journal's editorial team casts a discerning eye over submissions, seeking out those that are original, novel, significant, methodologically sound, and clear. Only manuscripts that meet the highest standards will be featured on the journal's pages.

BAOJ Clinical and Medical Case Reports embraces the spirit of open science by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY). This means that authors can share their work freely with proper attribution, allowing for greater dissemination of knowledge and collaboration among researchers.

The journal invites submissions of weighty treatises that fall within its purview, including research articles, reviews, case reports, clinical images, short communications, mini-reviews, opinions, letters to the editor, and short notes.

If you're seeking more information, peruse the journal's guidelines for authors or reach out to the editorial team at

Research Topics
  • Anesthesiology Case Reports
  • Cardiology Case Reports
  • Dental Case Reports
  • Dermatology Case Reports
  • Endocrinology Case Reports
  • Family Medicine Case Reports
  • Gastroenterology and Hepatology Case Reports
  • Hematology Case Reports
  • Internal Medicine Case Reports
  • Nephrology and Hypertension Case Reports
  • Neurology Case Reports
  • Nursing Case Reports
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Case Reports
  • Oncology/Cancer Case Reports
  • Ophthalmology Case Reports
  • Orthopedics Case Reports
  • Otolaryngology Case Reports
  • Pediatrics Case Reports
  • Pharmacogenomics Case Reports
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Case Reports
  • Psychiatry & Psychology Case Reports
  • Pulmonology Case Reports
  • Radiology Case Reports
  • Rheumatology Case Reports
  • Surgery Case Reports
  • Urology Case Reports
  • Vasucalar Medicine Case Reports
  • Women's Health Case Reports

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