Editor Guidelines

The main aim of Bio Accent Publisher is to spread scientific knowledge internationally. The believability of distributed articles totally relies upon the powerful companion exploring process; hence, editors are the main help for Bio Accent Publisher . The Editorial board individuals from Bio Accent Publisher are in charge of distributing quality compositions got from authors on concerned subjects.

Jobs and Responsibilities:
  • Effectively search for the perspectives on partner editors, writers, reviewers, commentators and editorial board individuals about methods for improving their article quality.
  • Reputation of our publisher is based on our prominent editors. They likewise should attempt to set high standards for the journals wherever possible.
  • They should initiate the young scholars and researches about the importance of publication ethics and policies.
  • We encourage the editorial board members to give their valuable opinions/suggestions/changes for our organization benefits.
  • Editors can survey submitted article dependent on their convenient time, if time doesn't permit for evaluating the original copy, editors can recommend different commentators.
  • Editors will take care of any classified information in regards to the assignment. On the off chance that the author has utilized data of specific people, explicitly in any of his therapeutic or scientific records, the publication Team must search for composed assent from the person, for the record to fit for publishing.
  • Snatching article choices at the opportune time and conveying in a clear manner.
  • If there is a criticism for the manuscript they should be left open for all to decide and the validity of scientific facts must be noted.
  • The editorial board members should assure that submitted content is original. The reliability of the author work is a prior criterion, so there must be correct citation and the original copy of the content should be named.
  • The final decision which includes changes, acceptance, or rejection of the manuscript is solely dependent with the editor of the respective journal.