Author Guidelines

Articles should be submitted in ideally MS Word document. If there is more than one document to submit then the files can be attached as .zip folder. Bio Accent Publisher makes it straightforward for the authors to present their papers by sending a mail to joined alongside all the necessary files and manuscripts.

Articles submitted to Bio Accent Publisher , once for survey towards the corresponding journal must be an exclusive submission. Article that has been submitted to Bio Accent Publisher should be a new original copy and ought not to be in acknowledged/distributed state in some other related Journal.

Bio Accent Publisher acknowledges papers of all the internationally acceptable formats, generally falling under yet not restricted to the classifications of Research paper, Review, Short communication, Editorials and Case Reports.

All the papers that have been acknowledged experience the compulsory Peer-review process. This process takes at least 4-6 weeks of time and after that the publication process would be chosen relying on the quality of the paper. All papers will be altogether checked by our editors and commentators and published after the revision.