Volume 2 Issue 1


Optimizing Cancer Pain Care in the Palliative Setting

Hersimren Basi1 , Armin Deroee1 and Jianguo Cheng*

Freedom from pain has been ranked the most important matter by patients at the end of life [1]. Pain in cancer patients is highly prevalent among various primary diagnoses. It may be as high as 64% in patient with advanced, metastatic or terminal phase cancer [2]. Efforts on maintaining quality of life in patients PDF

Short Communication

Administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to Cancer Patients in the Palliative Phase

Maria Albertsson1*

The paper discusses when it is suitable to administer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to cancer patients in the palliative phase. PDF

Review Article

A Review on How Prayer Could Comfort Terminally Ill Patients

Michael S Ball1*

The objective of this article was to review how prayer could be used to comfort terminally ill patients. PDF

Mini Review

Providing Patients with Dementia and Neurological Diseases a Dignified Peaceful Demise

Chen RC1*

Taiwan enacted the Patient Self-Determination Act in January 6, 2016. It allows patient at 1. Terminal stage disease, 2. Irreversible comatous state, 3. Persistent vegetative state, 4. Severe dementic state, 5. Intolerable pain, incurable disease without adequate solution under the current medical PDF

Short Communication

Therapy Preferences in Melanoma Treatment

Ramona Krammer1 , Julia Weiß1 , Florian Bruns² , Jurgen Bauerschmitz1 , Heike Eder³ , Marita Sievers³ , Stefan Krause4 , Christoph Ostgathe5 and Lucie Heinzerling1*

Within a focus group stakeholders (a melanoma patient, a melanoma patient's relative, a palliative care specialist, an oncologist, a dermatologist, a medical ethics specialist, a surgeon experienced in oncological care and two representatives of the Department of quality management dealing with patient affairs)discussed following a briefing on different PDF