Volume 3 Issue 1

Short Communication

Kids with Cancer

Ravindra Ghooi*

Gender discrimination is practiced in a number of countries including mine – where to be born as a girl is a curse. The programming of men is such that they rarely recognize gender discrimination. In the past, I too have overlooked it and often ignored it, but my recent close encounter PDF


Palliative Care---A Noble and Holistic Specialty

Marie Joseph*

A patient's suffering from any illness is 'total' combining the physical with the emotional. The entire human being is involved in this process. This process is even more acutely experienced by the patient with an incurable, terminal illness for example cancer or an organ failure. PDF


Study of Pain Medicine Usage in Mongolian Hospices

Odontuya Davaasuren*

We provided cross-sectional study within 170 patients with cancer, hospitalized in hospices of Mongolia and conducted evaluation of pain and its treatment by WHO recommendation. Mongolian hospices used mild opioids more (55.5%), than severe opioids (24.7%), and NSAIDs (19.8%). 91% of patients used oral pain medicine. PDF


Is There a Hint Towards Clinico-Dosimetric Correlation of Fatigue Among Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) Patients Treated by Modulated Radiotherapy?

Trinanjan Basu1*, Tejinder kataria1 , Shikha Goyal1 and Deepak Gupta1

Fatigue has always been a distressing symptom for patients of head and neck cancer (HNC) on radiotherapy. Modulated radiotherapy has been instrumental in reducing many of the acute and late side effects. Few recent publications hinted at possible correlation of fatigue with dosage to CNS structures. We have previously published PDF