Volume 1 Issue 2

Case Report

Interventional Management of Intercostal Neuritis Secondary to Metastatic Sinus Cancer by Radio Frequency Ablation

1 Weaver T, 2 Tu J

Intercostal neuritis is a well-known pain disorder with multiple etiologies that can lead to chronic and severe pain characterized by irradiating pain that follows a segmental pattern of an intercostal nerve. Several different interventional or surgical techniques have been described to help manage or ameliorate this condition. PDF

Review Article

From Do No Resuscitation to Advance Care Planning

Chen RC*

As a result of the "heroic fight" by physicians, many people suffered from painful death in hospitals, inserted with variable tubes and surrounded by different medical devices. In order to improve our quality of death and quality of hospice palliative care, Taiwan passed a Hospice Palliative PDF

Case Report

The Social Work Competencies in Palliative Care: A Case-Study

Carla Reigada1*, Paula Ramos 2 and Anna Novellas3

Multidisciplinary knowledge 'and training is required to handle the particular needs of patients and families, and to improve quality in complex/advanced clinical situations. It is undoubtedly recognized that an interdisciplinary team values social workers' skills; however, their competencies are being misunderstood. PDF