Volume 1 Issue 1

Research Article

When I'm in Pain, I feel God is Testing Me: Differences in Middle Eastern and US Cancer Pain Experiences

Halawa IO1*, Al-Diri I2 , McLean AS3 and Darnall DB4

Background: Cancer pain is prevalent and a huge source of patient suffering, yet, little is known about how this experience varies in different cultures with markedly different religious affiliations. PDF

Research Article

Randomised Controlled Trial of Fish Oil Supplement to Treat Cancer Cachexia

Dewey A1*, Higgins B2 , Baughan C3 , Stores R1 , Dean T4 and Kilburn S1

Patients with advanced cancer often suffer from cachexia, a debilitating and complex extreme weight loss syndrome which is also associated with shorter survival times. A pragmatic randomised controlled trial was conducted to determine whether an oral nutritional supplement containing PDF

Case Report

Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap Approach for Treatment of Radiation-Induced Ulcer in Breast Cancer

Vincenzo Vigorita1*, Marco Bertucci Zoccali2 , Georgina Freiría Barreiro3 , Maria J Ave Seijas3 , Ruben Montero Fabuena1 , Enrique J Casal Nuñez1 and Gonzalo De Castro Parga3

In this paper we describe our clinical approach to the treatment of a radiation-induced ulcer resistant to conservative management, which represents an uncommon complication secondary to adjuvant radiation therapy for breast cancer. PDF


Cancer Pain: Still a Relevant Issue

Antonio Rozzi1*, Margherita Salerno2 and Gaetano Lanzetta1

Pain is a common symptom in cancer patients: in the systematic review of Van der Beuken- van Everdingen and Coll. its prevalence ranged from 25% in newly diagnosed patients to 64% in patients with advanced cancer PDF

Review Article

Clinical Trials at the End-of-life

Schrijvers D* and Teurfs W

Although clinical trials are the basis where daily clinical practice should be based on, such evidence is scarce at the end-of life of cancer patients. Research in this patients population is hampered by the lack of clear definition of the study population, the study design, the definition of meaningful endpoints and ethical consideration. PDF