Volume 2 Issue 2

Opinion Article

Conventional Culture Media: an Outdated Microbiological Tool but Still Useful

Mostafa Essam Ahmed Mostafa Eissa*

Conventional culture media are the backbone for many microbiological activities in clinical, research, industrial and other fields. They are cheap, easy to handle and convenient. For many decades, they served mankind in the advances made in the microbiological field. However, in the recent years, the limitations of these old tools became PDF

Research Article

Scope and Challenges of Social Pharmacy in Training of Pharmacy Students

Ahmed Nouri1* and Mohamed Azmi Ahmad Hassali2

Pharmacy practice and curriculum have undergone significant changes over decades. As a consequence of this evolution, pharmacists are more involved in direct interactions with patients and community to ensure the rational use of medicines. To better fulfil this function, future pharmacists need to be well-trained to understand PDF

Commentary Article

Biomarkers in Health Product Development: Commentary

Gilles Plourde

As defined in a previous case report by Archambault and Plourde (2017), a biomarker is a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention based on scientific evidence [1]. Archambault and Plourde (2017), using supporting example from patient with advanced prostate cancer has indicated that biomarkers PDF