Volume 1 Issue 1

Research Article

Over-the-counter sialagogues: pH, enamel dissolution, and biocompatibility

Natalie Hoza; Bailey Fisher; Haylee Humes; Ansley Jones; Petra Lockwood; Marion A Cooley; Stephen Hsu; Donald Mettenburg; Frederick A Rueggeberg; Regina Messer*

Patients with xerostomia use products made to stimulate salivary flow. This study measured and compared pH of readily available sialagogues and their resulting effects on enamel dissolution and biocompatibility. A wide variety of commercially available palliative sialagogues were examined PDF

Review Article

Targeted therapies and dental implants: A literature review

Cossin Erwan1 *; Dumouchel Maxime1,2; Clappe Lorraine1,2; Piver Bertrand1,2; Boisramé Sylvie1,2

According to French Oncology National Institute (INCA), tar- geted cancer therapies are drugs aiming to block the growth and / or the spread of tumor cells by specifically addressing some of their abnormalities.PDF