Volume 6 Issue 1

Review Article

Pathophysiology of COVID 19

Mohammad Yavari1 ; Maryam sanei2 ; Alex avakian3 ; Parand Danafar4 ; Aidin Mahmoudi Azar5 ; Hossein Esmaeili6 *

In late 2019, in late December, a virus now called SARS-CoV-2 caused unusual respiratory illnesses in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The disease was called COVID-19. The virus is contagious to humans and has caused a worldwide outbreak. PDF

Research Article

Coexpression of ABCB1 and ABCG2 as prognostic marker for treatment response in acute myeloid leukemia patients

Asmaa Mahmoud1 *; Ashraf Elghandour1 ; Abeer Elhadidi2 ; Ahmed Abdelrahman1 ; Mohamed Eldafrawi1

Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) is the most common type of acute leukemia, and despite availability of chemotherapeutic drugs, mortality rates remain highly variable, ranging from 90 to 10% [1]. One of main characters of AML is having distinct PDF

Research Article

Risk factors for deep surgical site infections and wound dehiscence after open radical cystectomy

Mathias Wolters*ⴕ ; Olga Katzendornⴕ ; Martin Krastel; Julia Oesterle; Hossein Tezval; Inga Peters; Nina N Harke; Markus A Kuczyk; Christoph AJ von Klot

Deep Surgical Site Infections (DSSI, i.e. infection beneath the subcutaneous tissue with purulent drainage of deep wound layers) and/or Wound Dehiscence (WD) in patients undergoing Open Radical Cystectomy (ORC) may require secondary treatments. DSSI and WD are responsible for increased length of hospitalization and treatment costs.The aim of our study was to identify risk factors for major complications such as DSSI/WD after ORC. PDF

Research Article

Construction and testing for anticancer effect of a TheraCour Biopolymer

Anil Diwan1,2; Jayant Tatake1,2; Vijetha Chiniga1 ; Preetam Holkar1 ; Rajesh Pandey1 ; Ashok Chakraborty1 *

Polymeric micelles present the most presentable as it can be tailored according to the needs of specific targeting and make it functional. The TheraCour polymers are designed as linear, uniform, homopolymers Comprising Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) as a monomer unit that is heterochemically functionalized and covalently connected with aliphatic chains as ligands. PDF

Research Article

Hormetic effect of an Ethanolic Graviola Leaf Extract onHGF-1 cells survival

Mairan A Barreto-Diaz; Ricardo A Velázquez-Aponte; Amy Wu-Wu; Céline Cassé*

Plant-extracted compounds have been used for centuries in traditional pharmacopeia. Some of them have proven to be excellent drug alternatives for cancer treatment as they target metabolic pathways that are key to cancer cells such as apoptosis, energy-producing catabolic pathways, and the response to oxidative stress. Since some anticancer drugs have been shown to produce dose dependent biologically opposite effects, it is crucial to determine the range of doses for which the compounds have maximum therapeutic benefits. PDF