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Our vision is to present the digital world with novel research developments and to provide boundless knowledge and methodical thoughts to the scientific community. We offer an international forum for discussion and interchange concepts to stimulate pragmatic, speculative and virtual research in the areas of Medical, Science and Technology. Mission:
“Every Human being should lead the lifebased on the developments in science, Technology and Medicine. Our journals will be a reservoir and provide infinite knowledge to see better world tomorrow”.

Bio Accent is one of the leading Open access publishing house based in Delware, USA. Bio Accent online publishing serves as a better option to showcase ground breaking research work to the public through our publication process. Our core aim is to connect researchers, academicians, professors, medical professionals and readers by sharing the current approaches from preparation to practice for the improvement of society. We provide a platform forthe outstanding researchers and scientists across the globe to submit their innovative research in our scholarly journal in order to transform theirdeveloped ideas to use explicitly without any restrictions by others for future research.

The Mission of Bio Accent online publishing Journal is to promote and broadcast the best scholarly information’s for the continuous development of research in the areas of Science and Medicine globally for free of cost.To achieve its mission the journal will:

Some important Feature

  • Exchangeinnovatory ideasto public for further expansion of study
  • We facilitate to deliver extensive possible dissemination of high-quality research
  • Quality and reliability throughout the process
  • Our dedicated team will ensure the societyto use the resources very effectively
  • Equivalence and generality
  • Increase and motivate research interest globally
  • Support and expand Technology and Science staffs
  • Our aim is to increase the visibility of the articles worldwide and make to extent the research outside the academic circle.
  • Bio Accent staffs will together hold their hands and work as a team to achieve our goals.

It was a good and fast review.
It is very irritating for a research person to wait and wait for the peer review.
But your esteemed journal took perfect care of that situation.

Nikhil Gupta

Thank you very much for letting me know the publication status on my manuscript. I am happy to have my article in this journal and also do really appreciate the peer-reviewed process for providing useful comments and suggestions to improve the content and clarity of my manuscript

Pushpanathan Muthuirulan

I really admire ur kind support for me till publish. I going to right more journals in future and with due time can send you so. But whenever ur new upcoming issue will come plz inform me once. I have said to my frnd send you some manuscripts. Let's see then.

Ujjal sen

I am really impressed with the professionalism and the quick feedback on the review process. I also must that you so much for the constant feedback and emails. My colleagues and I will definitely be sending you more submissions in the future.

Dhee Naidoo
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