Bioaccent Online Publishing

Bio Accent is a premier STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher with a portfolio of 20 peer-reviewed open access journals. The journals deal in biology, biomedicine and medicine. We aim to bring the benefits of open access publishing to individual researchers and R&D institutions across the world. Subscribers from all over the world can access our high-quality peer-reviewed scientific research.

Bio Accent endeavours to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. Ultimately, our desired objective is to provide all an unrestricted access to scientific research ideas and discoveries. In this process, we aim to leverage on tools and materials that will engage the scientific and non-scientific communities to understand and enjoy scientific discoveries and the scientific process.

As a premier and peer-reviewed open access publisher of various international journals, we differentiate from others by keeping the scientific community up-to-date on innovations, research and development.We work in coordination with the global scientific community, science and technology societies, physicians, patient advocacy groups, and educational organizations. We will work with any publisher and writer who share our commitment to open access

Our established objective is to make the scientific information available for the good of science and the general public.


Emerge as a leader in open access publishing with focus on producing high quality peer-reviewed scientific research


To promote international development by free exchange of scientific and medical information