BAOJ Veterinary Science

BAOJ Veterinary Science is a complete open-access journal. This journal publishes original, high quality, and peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of veterinary medicine and science. All articles published here, are freely available to read, download and share. If you are a researcher, scientist, and specialist in veterinary medicine, you can publish your articles and research findings here.

BAOJ Veterinary Science publishes articles and research papers on all aspects of veterinary medicine, research and development. BAOJ Veterinary Science specializes in publishing articles on Veterinary Parasitology, Veterinary Microbiology, and Preventive Veterinary Medicine. As humans continue to depend on other animal species for food and other essentials of life, the study and research in veterinary sciences has found renewed interest and support.

The spurt of infectious diseases and genetic disorders along the food chain, equally influencing human and animal life, has lead to a number of research studies. This has created great volumes of data, and developed the need for recording all discoveries. BAOJ Veterinary Science helps veterinary doctors, pharmacists and medical research personnel to present their case studies as well as share their experiences of treating specific animal diseases that are beneficial to other members of the veterinary community.

Livestock health monitoring and treatment has its impact on human existence and survival. The disease infecting cows, bulls, buffaloes, pigs, fowls and sheep seem to threaten human life, with capability to modify, adapt and defeat disease resistance in humans. The challenges confronted by the veterinary personnel that includes veterinary physician, veterinary surgeon or veterinarian, and para-veterinary workers such as veterinary nurses or technicians, are too huge and phenomenal.

BAOJ Veterinary Science presents the case of veterinarians whose primary objective is to work for animal welfare, and maintain quality food supply. It is now increasingly realized that, human health and survival is based on the health and disease-free living of animals in general and domesticated animals in particular. Scientists and veterinary science researchers concerned with the studies in animal health and diseases find the open-access journals too strong to resist, to share knowledge, and to get up-to-date information on veterinary sciences.

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