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Oerip Soemohardjo (1893–1948) was an Indonesian general and the first chief of staff of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. He trained in Batavia (modern-day Jakarta) to become a lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, and after almost 25 years of service was the highest-ranking Native Indonesian officer in the country. He resigned in 1938, but was recalled to active duty after Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in May 1940. When the Empire of Japan occupied Indonesia less than two years later, he was detained in a prisoner-of-war camp for three and a half months. Indonesia proclaimed its independence from the Netherlands in 1945; several months later, he was declared the chief of staff and interim leader of the newly formed army. Working to build a united force from the fractured former military groups in the country, he oversaw army development during the Indonesian National Revolution along with General Sudirman, the leader of the armed forces. He has received several awards from the Indonesian government, including the title National Hero of Indonesia. (Full article...)