Psycho-Physiological Breath Energy Therapy is a Holistic- Integrative Technique comprising Conscious breath work , Eclectic psychotherapy and Holistic methods for addressing a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual person as a whole & can transform a person from mental disorders, diseases, psychosomatic diseases, any problem, disease, death urge, suicidal tendency, crisis to order, ease and Life Urge, by accessing one’s own inbuilt energy tool bringing psycho-physiological– spiritual coherence as well as support social well being by altering chemical neurotransmitters & regulating secretion of various glands to cure disorder, diseases .This therapy can be put under Complementary Medicine branch into lasting therapeutic shifts in believes, thoughts, emotions,feelings, behaviors , Consciousness , Health & Wellnes.

Conscious breath work (3 types) like 20 connected energy breathing, Conscious Therapeutic Energy Breathing, Eclectic Psychotherapy (17 therapies) like Psychoanalysis, Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP) and Holistic Methods like Progressive muscle relaxation, Developing Resilience, Affirmations, Laughter therapy, Meditation like Mindfulness meditation tailored in accordance to patient /client , personality, disorder, disease, problem, intention, growth, situation, Crisis.

This therapy increases flow of oxygen to the brain , heart, whole body. Can bring inner Peace, greater Joy, increases emotional stability, heightens intuition, good memory, Self empowerment, enhances creativity, new awareness, new motivation, new hopes, mental clarity, proper orientation, better perception towards life, supports good digestion, elevated Consciousness. Power of Subconscious mind heals physical, emotional, spiritual aspect of mind. Recharges, balances cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence as well as social intelligence and brings Self healing improved well-being & positive changes in one’s health, wellness facilitating strengthening of one’s Life force.

Psycho-Physiological Breath Energy Therapy Act as a Pain Relief Therapy, Preventive Therapy, Prenatal & Postnatal care therapy, Purification Therapy, Supportive therapy, Self Awakening, Transformative, Conscious Life therapy. This therapy can bring individual, family, Social Transformation towards a peaceful, happy, healthy, blessed and sustainable human World.

Psycho-Physiological Breath Energy Therapy is a Pain relief therapy. During this therapy patients/clients are able to drop their brain waves from beta (12-30Hz) to alpha state ( 7.5-12 Hz)consciously to reach a relaxed state with detached awareness to identify their energy of concern which gives body sensations in different parts in the form of pain, as the body responds to stiffness, stress , trauma, anxiety causing pain or discomfort . This therapy guides them from alpha state to theta (4-7.5Hz) silence state , a sense of deep meditative state of spiritual connection and finally to delta state (0.5-4 Hz) . In this state, awareness is completely detached and by this therapy ‘Happy Hormones -Chemicals’ & gifted innate healing faculties get boost up like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins ; calms “fight or flight” anxiety state by activating parasympathetic nerves ( Autonomous nervous system).

Prenatal and Post Natal Care Therapy

This therapy (tailored) given to would be parents and family prior to pregnancy, during prenatal phases, post natal phases can curb prenatal and postpartum depression. Can bring healthy, happy, blessed child &family. Happy people had least cortisol levels Happy people have reduced fibrinogen. Lower systolic blood pressure. Happy and blessed mothers can bring happy and blessed child and thus happy, healthy, blessed family and world.

This therapy also act as

Disaster Management Therapy

In many psychiatric disorders like trauma, stress, depression,


Disorders may damage the brain, a kind of ‘negative plasticity. One’s brain is subconsciously aware of one’s decision before one has consciously made those very decisions towards disorder, disease, addiction, crisis, even death. By this therapy one can release suppressed emotions, traumas and thus getting the chance to process and heal old patterns


One’s past experiences, memories and traumas may take solid energetic form and get fixed in one’s energy system. The deeper and more unconscious a pattern, the stronger its grip upon one’s mind. By this therapy, the client experiences a sense of safety , emotional & spiritual stability that he or she has never experienced before as a result the activity of brain’s fear centre, the amygdala decreases which can bring regrowth of the hippocampus bringing change in neural circuity, neurochemistry of brain influencing neuro- endocrine and autonomic function of the body and harnessing the brain capacity for plasticity inducing positive neuroplasticity . Activity of particular areas of the brain, such as the anterior cingulate (a key decision-making area) which is connected to both the “emotional” limbic system and the “cognitive” prefrontal cortex is increased which can stimulate the growth and recovery of brain cells and positive life transformation to cope with psychic disaster like panic, pathological depression, self harm or suicidal tendencies,unsuccessful suicides and can bring back to Life.

Purification Therapy

this therapy helps the body in proper CO2 elimination and thus naturally cleanses the body, can bring meditative state (alpha state, theta state, delta state) to enter into subconscious mind and patient/ client consciously can clear negative spaces and pattern in subconsious mind by releasing old limiting believes, unhealthy defences of the ego, dissolve negative patterns and impressions of mind and body into cosmic relaxation and healthy integration to bring individual transformation (relaxation and integration) ). They are able to cognitive restructure by exploring their own autosuggestion.

Supportive Therapy

Treats some somatic as well as psychosomatic disorders & diseases like uterine disorder & uterine diseases, diabetes, heart enlargement, high pressure, cholesterol & also to solve causes of infertility and in bringing pregnancy

Preventive Therapy

One can recognize the problem, disorder before by bringing awareness of the body, mind, system Treatment takes less time in comparison to traditional Psychoanalysis- Psychotherapy & in a Holistic Set-Up. Fundamentally two steps in the treatment. This Therapy is given in one to one arrangement,minimum 10 sittings in one to one or in group including training.