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BAOJ Psychology journal focuses on all the aspects of psychology. Authors, practicing psychologists and psychiatrists can submit their findings and research papers for peer review and publication at BAOJ Psychology. Psychologists can share their views, opinions, findings at BAOJ Psychology. Their findings during patient assessment and counseling can be shared with the fellow psychologists through publication at BAOJ Psychology.

BAOJ Psychology presents peer-reviewed articles relating to empirical research and theoretical articles in applied areas of psychology including clinical, counseling, measurement/assessment, school, educational, industrial, and personnel psychology. In addition to this, BAOJ publishes articles relating to interdisciplinary research that integrate psychology with psychiatry, law, consumer behavior and religion.

Articles in empirical research elaborate on observed and measured phenomena and derives knowledge from actual experience rather than from theory or belief. BAOJ Psychology journal presents information on studies and surveys which are based on selection criteria, controls and testing instruments (surveys). Those research papers relating to psychology, which take into consideration innovative research processes, and based on analytical tools are taken for early publication.

Authors can submit write-ups and research papers relating to educational, industrial and personal psychology. All research and studies on the theories and concepts of psychology in educational, industrial and personal settings is taken for consideration by the peer-reviewers. Your study and research settings might be schools, colleges, offices and industry, the experiences gained and findings made by you are duly published for the fellow psychologists to know and get updated on the course of research in psychology.

Each article published at BAOJ Psychology journal offers gainful insights into the behavioral patterns of people, community groups, companies or even families. Significantly, educational psychology focuses on teacher-student relationship, which is deciding for better learning experience, and to help students realize the best of their potential.

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     Advisory Board Member
     Vikas Dhikav   
 Department of Neurology, Dr. RML Hospital & PGIMER