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Processing Fee

Processing fee (Article processing charges):
Bio accent open access maintains and provides high quality services for publishing articles. Manuscripts submitted to Bio accent follows thorough peer-review processing and hence we incur normal publishing fee to be paid by the authors. The process of publishing involves various stages like proof-reading, type-setting, plagiarism checking and finding reviewers to review articles. Authors can publish their novel findings in any of the 30 peer-review open access journals.

Benefits of publishing in Bio accent:
We do unconventional peer review process for all the articles submitted to any of the Bio accent journals.
Articles will be available online immediately and anyone can access and download anywhere from the world without any subscription and restriction.
Articles are permanently archived and available on Bio accent website.

Article processing fee:
Article processing fee are paid by the authors, their institutions or through the research grantor. We don't charge any extra cost for color figures. Please find the below table for detailed information about the Bio accent publishing fees. Charges are applicable based on the type of articles/ manuscripts. Authors need to pay their processing fee only if your article/ manuscript accept for publication.





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