volume2-issue1 - 2017

Research Article

Absorption and Emission Spectroscopic Investigation of Thermal Dynamics and Photo- Dynamics of the Rhodopsin Domain of the Rhodopsin-Guanylyl Cyclase from the Aquatic Fungus Blastocladiella emersonii

Alfons Penzkofer, Ulrike Scheib, Peter Hegemann and Katja Stehfest

Research Article

Calculated Magnetism on Mn1-xFexB Alloys

Po-Han Lee, Szu-Han Chen, Yi-An Chen, Kuan-Lin Chen, Ta-Wei Wang, Shih-Wei Wang, Bor-Shyan Wu, Wan-Sheng Su and Swe-Kai Chen

Case Report

Armenian Astronomical Archives and Databases

MickaelianAM, AstsatryanHV, KnyazyanAV and MikayelyanGA

Mini Review

Lanczos Spinor for Arbitrary Gravitational Fields of Petrov Types O, N, and III

A Iturri-Hinojosa, J Lopez-Bonilla, R Lopez-Vazquez and O Salas-Torres

Mini Review

Bernoulli and Stirling Numbers

A Iturri-Hinojosa, J Lopez-Bonilla, R López-Vazquez and O Salas-Torres