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BAOJ Physics deals prominently with the domains of biomedical physics or medical biophysics or applied physics in medicine. All innovations and practices of the present and past relating to medical physics can be published at BAOJ Physics. Practicing doctors, surgeons, and scientists specializing in medical physics can publish their findings and reviews at BAOJ Physics.

The domain of medical physics is the primary concern of a medical physicist. The medical physicist deals research, practice and development of diagnostic and intervention radiology (also known as medical imaging), nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology (also known as radiotherapy). The experiences and findings of medical physicists can be sent for peer review, and duly published at BAOJ Physics.

Medical Physicists help to maintain and improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services. Their approach to patient care is based on expert action, involvement or advice. Medical physicists follow established processes that include, specification, selection, acceptance testing, commissioning, and quality assurance/control and optimized clinical use of medical devices.

The focus and concern of medical physics is on reducing patient risks and protection from associated physical agents (e.g., x-rays, electromagnetic fields, laser light, radio-nuclides) and prevention of unintended or accidental exposures. It is only after series of rounds of clinical trials, each medical equipment comes out for production and use.

As the domain of medical physics turns multidisciplinary, it also covers clinical physiology (also known as physiological measurement in several countries), neurophysiology, radiation protection, and audiology. The complex of medical physics has been compounded by the development of biomedical physics that deals with research in any applications of physics to medicine from the study of bio-molecular structure to microscopy and nano-medicine.

Scientists, research scholars, practicing doctors and radiologists can publish all their reviews, case studies and scientific papers at BAOJ Physics. These reviews and case studies may relate to medical imaging physics, radiation therapeutic physics, nuclear medicine physics, health physics, clinical audiology physics, laser medicine, medical optics, neurophysics, cardiophysics, physiological measurement techniques, physics of human and animal bodies, healthcare informatics and computational physics, and research and development.

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