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Peer-Review Process

Reviewers play an essential role in the publication of articles. Peer reviewing is a scrutinizing process which helps the authors to improve the quality of their articles before publication.With the growth in the amount and magnitude of scientific information put in the public domain, and the number of organizations promoting research publication in the open access category, the need for scrutiny of each article for holding its legitimacy and uniformity is dynamic. Any article published in any of the Bio accent journal will undergo peer review process before hitting on the online publication button.

In order to maintain quality and to validate the research done by the authors, the manuscripts will be submitted to one or more eminent person who has done excellent contribution in the same field. They thoroughly check the quality and also the new innovations of the submitted articles by the experts before entering into the final step of the publication process. All the articles submitted to Bio accent open access journal will be subjected for minimum of three peer-review process to maintain the superiority and authenticity of the journal.

Merits of peer-review process:
• The article is sent to other eminent scientists who have significant contribution in the same field.
• Feedbackwill be provided during the peer review process in order to improve the quality of the article.
• The reviewer informs the editor whether or not the study is of high enough quality to be published.
• The reviewer's improvements and suggestions about the article are sent to the authors who may then revise their article and resubmit it for consideration.
• The articles which received final approval from peer reviewers and also meet the scientific quality with research originalitywill be accepted for publication in Bio accent journals.
• The manuscript which doesn't meet the required quality and insufficient novelty will not be accepted for the publication