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Surgical Site Infection by Rapidly Growing Mycobacteria in a Tertiary Care Centre in India: A Retrospective Clinico - Microbiogical Study

AnAtypical Mycobacteria /Non-tuberculous mycobacteria have emerged as opportunistic pathogen in the recent years, that can cause wide range of clinical syndrome in humans. Here ,we describe 22 cases of SSI(Surgical site infection) caused by atypical mycobacteria (rapid growers) during a period of 12 months (March 2012-April 2013). Non–healing post operative wound ...

The Quest for Selective Antimicrobial Agents The Antimicrobial Peptides and Their Surrogates Approach

Recently, the microbiome has attracted the focus of research since it is believed that this companion and nemesis has a crucial influence on our health and behavior, diet and aging. To influence the constitution of this blend of microbes to present differently in the various sections of our body may be the determining factor ...