BAOJ Gastroenterology

BAOJ Gastroenterology is a comprehensive online open-access journal that publishes research papers, articles and case-studies on different aspects relating to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (organs from the mouth to anus along the alimentary canal). Scientists, pharmacists, gastroenterologists and personnel involved in the domain of gastroenterology can submit their findings/research papers for peer review and publication at BAOJ Gastroenterology.

The spurt in the gastro diseases and infections has lead to development of vast knowledge base, which has to be recorded and verified for further study and research. The research and study of gastrointestinal cancers, bleeding, and inflammatory bowel disease has been recorded and published to a great extent. The open-access journals have emerged as the predominant platform for dissemination of research findings and practical experiences of gastroenterology personnel.

BAOJ Gastroenterology offers complete scope for publication of peer reviewed articles, with high quality information made available as articles. The gastroenterology tests that include colonoscopy, stool test, barium swallows and endoscopy have found great relevance in the diagnosis of diseases and conditions relating to gastro (stomach, intestine, colon and rectum). The diagnosis and results of the gastro tests are duly recorded for research and reference. BAOJ Gastroenterology helps the diagnosis specialists to provide visibility to their findings, and publish them after meticulous peer review.

Writers, researchers, doctors and surgeons can submit to BAOJ Gastroenterology their new findings and innovative clinical work in the fields of gastroenterology and hepatology. Also, the novel pharmaco-therapies, hypothesis generating translational research and preclinical studies can also find scope for publication at BAOJ Gastroenterology.

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     Editor in chief
     Cheng Lan
     Professor, Hainan Hospital of University of South China