Nasturtium as a garden flower is well known. This herb is fast-growing in sunny place. Seeds need soil, water, Sun and bio fertilizer in airy place to grow. Germination takes place in moist soil within a week. Growth needs care to put water in afternoon. Leaves are circular with slightly curved margin. The flowers are 2.5 to 6 cm. diameter, with five petals. They vary from yellow to orange to red. Used as salads in different dishes. Leaves has property to cure throat sore. It has antivirus property too.

Keywords: Herb; Nasturtium; Germination



Plants grows in park, garden as well as in small flower pots. Trailing stem grows to 3-6 ft. Leaves are peppery in taste. Whole plant is edible. The flowers contain about 130 mg. Vitamin C per 100 gram ( 3.5 oz. ).The fruit is 2 cm. broad, three segmented with a single large seed 1 to 1.5 cm. long [1,2,3,4,5].

Materials and Methods

Use earthen pot to grow this plant in moist clayey soil. Seeds brought from Nursery live.com ( on line ) Pune. They provide a packet of biofertilizer with seed packet. Small amount helps to germinate fast and healthy plants comes from seeds. Leaves are small with prominent veins radiating to the smoothly rounded or slightly lobed margin. Foliage comes and number of leaves increasing day-by day.


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This fast growing plant is helpful in many ways. As a ground cover used in garden and parks. Leaves and flowers are edible. Medicinal property to cure throat sore and it has anti- virus property too. Used leaves and flowers in culinary art as well as in salads. More cultivation and future research will help to throw more light of this plant [6,7,8,9].


This annual herb cultivation will improve pharmacy in future. Cough syrup from leaf extract cure throat sore. As a kidney cleanser it is used in salad plate. It has anti-cancer property too.

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