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Over-the-counter sialagogues: pH, enamel dissolution, and biocompatibility

Patients with xerostomia use products made to stimulate salivary flow. This study measured and compared pH of readily available sialagogues and their resulting effects on enamel dissolution and biocompatibility. A wide variety of commercially available palliative sialagogues were examined for effects on hard tooth tissue as well as cells. Enamel surfaces were digitally scanned, exposed to the palliative sialagogues, and then re-scanned. Mouse fibroblasts were exposed to product diluents for 72h to test biocompatibility using the MTT assay. ...

Targeted therapies and dental implants: A literature review

According to French Oncology National Institute (INCA), tar- geted cancer therapies are drugs aiming to block the growth and / or the spread of tumor cells by specifically addressing some of their abnormalities. ...