BAOJ Chemistry

BAOJ Chemistry is a peer reviewed journal the presents latest papers and articles in the domain of chemistry. This journal meets holistically the information needs of chemists, pharmacists, micro-biologists, and other members of the scientific community. Authors can publish their papers and articles relating to different aspects of chemistry: Amino acids study, Bioactive plant products, Bio-organic chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemoenzymatic and enantioselective synthesis of organic compounds, Combinatorial chemistry, Computational chemistry, Enzymes in organic synthesis, Heterocyclic compounds, In organic Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions, Modelling of materials, Molecular modelling and drug design, Natural products, Nature of materials research, Organic reaction mechanism, Peptides and proteins, Physical Chemistry, Physicochemical aspects of their fabrication, Phyto-chemistry, Practical organic chemistry, Properties and app