Open Access Journals | Bioaccent Group | Publication Ethics

Open Access Publication demands a strong ethics and values. Each stakeholder - Author, Publisher and the Reviewer have a role to play in safeguarding the ethics and values of open access publication. Ultimately, the open access publication should ensure that high quality papers are brought within the reach of research community, and the authors receive fair and quality reviewer services.

Bioaccent adheres and upholds high professional ethics and values when it comes to open access publication. Though the authors make a payment for article publishing at our open access journals, we ensure that all peer review of articles is done impartially and professionally. No inferior writing or error ridden or copied work is cleared for publishing.

Author's responsibilities: The author submitting any work for open access publishing has to ensure that his/her work is original, not copied, and submitted for the first time only. Authors should not re-use the research work.

Reviewer's responsibilities: The reviewer should maintain a high standard of quality in the peer review process. Only the domain specialists should be considered for the reviewing process.

Publisher's responsibilities: The publisher of an open access publication should ensure that the journal/article meets the quality norms and information requirements of researchers in the field of study.