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About Us

Bio Accent is a pioneer in publishing scholarly articles with real facts and findings. As a leading open-access publishing house, we support academic communities. Based in Delaware, USA, Bio Accent has the woks with the mission of fostering open technical exchange across all disciplines in all forms. Thousands of global academic specialists support the different, peer-reviewed, open access journals of our publishing house.

All the global academic experts support our mission, values, and dedication to providing premium service for our authors. At Bio Accent, we have a team of skilled and experienced editors, supporting scholars from around the globe to ensure the most recent research is freely accessible. Moreover, all articles are published by adhering to the Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing.

Bio Accent aims to expand coverage by the academic databases. We archive all journals of our publishing house long-term with the world-renowned libraries. All articles of our publishing house are open access. Readers can go through them free of cost. Our published journals, such as research, review, and scholarly articles, are available online to readers for free.

Bio Accent assumes the responsibility to put a rigorous peer-review into effect along with strict ethical policies and standards. It allows us to ensure to add premium scientific works to the scholarly publication field. We assure the content published in our journals is free from plagiarism, information falsification, and illegal authorship credit.

Bio Accent follows publication ethics in its entire works very seriously. Moreover, our editorial board has a team of trained editors. They review each article for their genuineness, facts, and figures thoroughly to our journals without issues of all kinds. Our goal is to make the readers know the facts of the subject they are interested in.

Above all, Bio Accent is the most sought-after resource among global researchers, scientists, and scholars to publish their articles. We are also the most trusted source among all types of readers around the globe.